Life isn’t just about getting through the day

In memoriam of Loretta Leugers Rempe. May she rest in peace knowing she was loved by many far and wide.

I’m taking a break from my normal blogging to make a post dedicated to my great grandmother Loretta. She recently passed away at the age of 100, and she taught me a lot more about life than I ever really realized.

Loretta was an amazing woman with an amazing story, and it all began in New Foundland. Her father was able to get her family into the US, and her mother gained citizenship for the family after her father’s passing. She worked at Harvard, and when she married my grandpa her famous quote was “I’ll move to Minster–but I will not live on a farm.” That being said, she never lived on a farm.

One reason I remember being quite close to Loretta dealt with all of her doodles. She used to doodle on any scrap of paper and they were always beautiful and symmetrical and intricate and unique. As a child, I wanted to do what she did–and she was the reason I got into art at all. She was the one who introduced to me to all forms of art being as I was usually surrounded by engineers.

Loretta always used to tell me as a kid that women didn’t always need a man, and she proved that to be true. She lived by herself for a multitude of years after my great grandpa’s passing. She did whatever she wanted to and always put her mind to any task she wanted. I’ve never met such a stubborn woman.

When Loretta passed, I knew I would write this post as her life story deserves to be shared. As the title of this post says, Loretta never believed that life was just about getting through the day. She was one of those people who appreciated every single thing. Every detail, every animal, every family member, and every friend. Even the last day I saw her, she was looking through all of her birthday cards to reread them.

So, for Loretta, I will be relooking at my life in a different sense. And I suggest my readers do the same. Try to make your life so amazing that you don’t feel the need to brag about it. Loretta’s life was full of adventure and love and sadness, and yet she never seemed to focus on the sadness. There was always something happy to talk about.

Loretta’s family and I will miss her dearly, but I know she’s peaceful now. If there is one thing Loretta taught everyone, it was to just live life like it is always going to end because you never know when it will. She was always upbeat, even on her worst days.


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