Don’t hesitate to medicate

Medication can be a little daunting to some people. Personally, I just find it to be a bit useless usually. I was never one to take the Mucinex or Ibuprofen or Advil or Tylenol whenever my mom told me to. It never seemed to change anything. So, when my doctor first suggested a daily medication for my panic disorder–you can imagine my shock.

I did not want to take it at all, but I wanted something to change so bad that I did take it. I took that medicine for almost 7 months without fail. As expected, I couldn’t seem to find any change from the medicine. I wanted to tell my doctor that I was quitting, but I still wanted that change.

My doctor knew this of course, and he wanted to make a change too. My doctor knew that I don’t go to the doctor’s office very often, so it had to be serious. When he realized that the medication wasn’t really helping, he referred me to a nurse practitioner that specialized with mental illnesses. I was skeptical of course, but still I gave it a shot. The nurse practitioner decided she wanted to switch my medication to a different type and brand. Hesitant yet, I agreed to give it a shot.

Two months later, I’m glad to say that I do not regret going through the lengthy process of finding a good medication for me. I still have a long way to go, but my new medication has been helping my panic attacks subside wayyyyy more than the other medication and has been helping with my depressive thoughts too.

Now I’m going to sound like my doctor for a moment. He always wanted me to understand that medication helped, but it wasn’t a lifeline. He wanted me to find that I needed to change something within myself to actually help the mental illness.

Medication is something that no one should fear. You shouldn’t think you’ll be judged for having to take a prescription pill everyday. Medication will help you if you feel like you are having some mental health issues, but you have to be prepared to go on a journey (long or short) to find the right medication. Everyone’s body functions differently, so there is no way to tell what will or won’t help you. That being said, doctors have a pretty good idea nowadays of which medications can usually help people. They prescribe them all the time, so don’t be ashamed to have to take them.

Don’t take that hesitation moment when deciding if you need help because most likely–your brain will convince you otherwise.


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