I’m not impressive, I’m just me

It’s been a busy summer. In fact, it still is. But I sat down at my vacation a couple weeks ago and realized it had been quite a bit since I last posted. I figured I wanted to post, and I knew exactly what to write about.

I made the title a little misleading on purpose, as it can be true to be both impressive and Tracey. My point of this is that you don’t have to be known as impressive. I would rather make my own brand of myself. Lately, it feels like I’ve been stuck in an endless loop of just going to work and then going to sleep and repeating it all over again. I was beginning to forget that we only have one short life to make ourselves what we want. I wasn’t doing any of my hobbies except for the weekend, and it seemed like I was wasting my time. I wasn’t doing my best to enjoy life, and I definitely wasn’t being impressive to anyone.

Being impressive can be amazing as adults and peers will reminisce on your accomplishments or congratulate you on new things you’ve done. It’s not everything though. I’ve realized throughout the summer that I’m the happiest when I’m not trying to be outstanding. I start to do the things I want to do and I seem to be able to do more and be better. It’s a very obvious statement that a person puts more effort into something they like.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just stop doing everything you don’t like. You can’t just ignore paying bills, cleaning, or going to work. You still have to do the things you don’t like, but in your free time you choose what you do. Your life is all about you, so why spend so much time trying to be someone else’s definition of “impressive”? Find your own definition of what is impressive, and everyone’s definition will be different. Maybe one person’s impressive will be to have a fully grown garden and it might be another person’s impressive to be able to run three miles straight. There isn’t a textbook definition of what action is impressive, just what impressive means to others. So find what impressive means to you.

When you find what that impressive is, put your passion into it. Be the best you can be, and you’ll find that you’ll probably be in a better mood and getting more done. And even further, when you become your own impressive–you start to attract other’s attention. And suddenly, you’ll be impressive to yourself and others.

As I always like to say, happiness is earned. You can’t expect it to be given to you if you’re constantly running from it. Do the things you’ve always wanted to, and leave your comfort zone. Otherwise, you won’t ever be able to call yourself impressive.


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